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PPG recently announced that PPG and the PPG Foundation invested more than$9 million in communities worldwide in 2018.The funds,which support community sustainability and educational programming,will positively impact hundreds of community organizations in 28 countries where PPG employees live,work and play.

PPG基金会及全球企业社会责任执行总监Malesia Dunn表示:“成立135余年以来,PPG始终致力于回馈公司所在的社区。我们非常感谢全球社区的合作伙伴和员工。正是在他们的支持下,PPG的社区活动才能顺利开展。我们希望这一优良传统在未来几年仍能继续保持下去。”

“Since PPG’s founding more than 135 years ago,we have been committed to giving back to the communities where the company has a presence,”said Malesia Dunn,executive director,PPG Foundation and corporate global social responsibility.“We are truly grateful to our community partners and employees around the globe who are the driving force behind PPG’s community engagement efforts.We look forward to maintaining the positive momentum we have built for years to come.”


A selection of the grant recipients and funding purposes includes:

匹兹堡卡内基科学中心:捐款主要用于资助“PPG科学馆”(PPG SCIENCE PAVILION™)。这座科学馆包含科学、技术、工程和数学(STEM)等多个学习实验室和一座两层、面积达14,000平方英尺的展览馆,可举办大型巡回展览。此外,科学馆中的PointView会议厅可用于召开大型会议和活动,空间开阔,可俯瞰匹兹堡的城市天际线。科学馆还将配备一系列全新拓展STEM教育设施。“PPG科学馆”共有9间教室,将进一步扩大卡内基科学中心的服务能力,为儿童和成人提供更多课程,如学生日间营活动和教师专业发展课程。


加州圣塔菲泉市的Xbots Robotics组织:捐款主要用于Xbots Robotics机器人团队的GoBabyGo!项目。参与该项目的成员通过改进电动轮椅,帮助残疾儿童进行康复和物理治疗。该项目还为多个男女童俱乐部的贫困儿童提供STEM培训。

阿拉巴马州莫比尔市的航空教育中心:资金主要用于建造阿拉巴马州飞行工程项目(Flight Works Alabama)的“探索太空展厅”,致力于为所有年龄段的学习者提供接触航空知识的机会,让他们能够从中获得灵感,学习先进制造业和航空工业的技能和技术。


巴西Sumaré青年成就组织:捐款主要用于For Our Nation STEM项目、Future of Work项目以及创新营项目。

德国伍珀塔尔的Junior Uni组织:PPG帮助该组织为当地儿童和青少年提供技术和科学研究领域的实践性课外教育。

Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh:For the PPG SCIENCE PAVILION™,which houses science,technology,engineering and math(STEM)learning labs;a two-story,14,000-square-foot exhibitions gallery,allowing for large touring exhibitions;PointView Hall,a conference and event space overlooking the city skyline;and new and expanded STEM education programs.With nine classrooms,the PPG Science Pavilion enables the Carnegie Science Center to offer more programs for children and adults,such as day camps for students and professional development programs for teachers.

Chinese and Korean universities:For PPG’s University Talent Power Program,which offers scholarships and career counseling services at 11 Chinese universities,and the scholarship recipients from 2 Korean universities also mentor underprivileged middle school children.

Xbots Robotics in Santa Fe Springs,California:For the robotics team’s GoBabyGo!outreach initiative,where members modify battery-powered ride-on vehicles to help disabled children with their rehab and physical therapy.The program also offers STEM training to underprivileged children from various participating Boys&Girls Clubs.

Alabama Aviation Education Center Incorporated in Mobile,Alabama:For the development of the Discovery Space Exhibit Hall at Flight Works Alabama,which will provide learners of all ages the opportunity to be inspired and learn skills applicable to advanced manufacturing and aviation specifically.

NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam,the Netherlands:For the development of STEM-related curriculum at Dutch primary schools.The curriculum helps students experiment with realistic technology challenges;sparks interest in technology and engineering;increases self-confidence and inquiry-based attitudes;makes connections with real engineering professionals;and challenges gender stereotypes in the field.

Junior Achievement in Sumaré,Brazil:For Our Nation–STEM programming;Future of Work programming;and Innovation Camp.

Junior Uni in Wuppertal,Germany:For hands-on,educational after-school programming in technical and

此外,PPG在2018年创造了一个新的里程碑,其“多彩社区”项目(COLORFUL COMMUNITIES™)自2015年启动以来,已完成200多个项目。共计有11,000多名员工和社区志愿者参与该项目,提供了近2.2万加仑的油漆和超过7.4万小时的志愿服务,为全球30个国家的520多万人民创造更多彩、明亮的社区环境。

In addition,PPG reached a milestone in 2018 by completing more than 200 COLORFUL COMMUNITIES™projects since the program’s inception in 2015.With nearly 22,000 gallons of paint and more than 74,000 hours volunteered by more than 11,000 employee and community volunteers,PPG has brought color and brightness to more than 5.2 million people in 30 countries through the transformation of community assets.

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